Secretary of Uzhgorod City Council is in hospital because of blows!

Last night, unknown men wearing masks attacked Victor Shchadey. It happened around midnight near the house where he dwells. According to Victor Shchadeya, the attackers were two camouflaged men in wearing black masks. They attacked the secretary and started beating him.
Victor was rescued by a neighbor, who was also returning home at that time. After it Victor Shchadey immediately called the police and gave evidence of the attack.

The victim has been hospitalized in Uzhgorod City Central Hospital with serious head injuries. Having found out about the attack, according to Victor, his relatives, colleagues and friends got concerned of his health. He got calls from mayor’s deputies and regional officials but the city mayor Victor Pogorelov has still not asked about the state of the injured.
Schadey has no idea yet as to who could have attacked him. However, he thinks it is connected to a certain extent with his professional activity.

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