Season of the lost. Rescuers found four snowboarders who got lost in Mizhhirya district (PHOTOS)

Transcarpathian rescuers, who continue searching for a skier from Germany near the Dragobrat, have told about another, successful operation that was held this night.

On January 24, at 16:20, the Transcarpathian Rescue Service received a report that four snowboarders, all residents of the city of Lviv, born in 1996, 1997 and 1998 had gotten lost in the area of the Hymba Mountain in Mizhhirya district. The tourists called rescuers, when they realized that they could not return to the ski resort on their won.

Six rescue workers and one vehicle of Nyzhni Vorota mountain search and rescue department were engaged in search and rescue operations. While talking with the lost tourists, the rescuers established their approximate location and found them at 01:10 on January 25. Then the men were accompanied to the village of Bereznyky in Svalyava district, from where they returned to their ski resort. The tourists did not need medical assistance.


Since the beginning of the year, crews of the mountain search and rescue unit of the Rescue Service in Transcarpathian region have carried out 55 rescue operations in the mountains. 51 people in danger have been rescued. Another 45 people have been provided with urgent medical care. Also, 183 tourist groups (totaling 3791 persons) have received consultations, have been registered and accompanied on tourist trails.

Transcarpathian rescuers once again ask tourists to be careful.

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