Sea, the Carpathians and … work – how Uzhgorod residents spent their vacation

Autumn comes slowly but surely. However, we all still smell summer – so it does not want to go. It lefts many "gifts" – a renewed strength, good mood, tan and, of course, impressions and photographs. We asked several Uzhgorod citizens to share their memories of the summer. Our interesting interlocutors told, what their vacation was (and was not!) like.  We invite you to join them in a fascinating Spain, sunny Croatia, cozy Bulgaria, interesting Europe and mysterious Africa, and, of course, the native Carpathians!

Fedir Shandor added Morocco to his collection of countries


Fedir Shandor, Head of the Department of Tourism of UzhNU "I "collect" countries – I try to visit every year at least one new. And this year I visited Morocco.  I visited Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir. Also this summer, being at the festival in Croatia, Trogir, I had the chance to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thus have added it to my collection (by the way, it already has 53 countries). Overall, for me there is no such thing as a vacation – when everybody rests, I work on my projects, holidays and festivals. 

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What do you need for a successful holiday? First of all – turn off your cell phone. Also – be in a foreign language environment. And the rest should be in economy mode – so you really feel the atmosphere of a city or country. Also I advise not to go to popular places and routes, but to find your own ways."

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Galina Malik: Cozopol – City of salvation


Galina Malik, writer: "City of salvation – that is translated from the Greek name of this small Bulgarian seaside town. And I am once again convinced that there is a deeper meaning in it. For the umpteenth time I find here salvation from the bustle of intrusive flow of information, from everyday grayness and nervous overload.


In these, different from different sides of the world, small banks of peninsula anyone can find a comfortable place – either between rocks or on one of the sandy beaches, or in cozy restaurants.


I personally need very little to have a successful vacation: all the above, plus a mask to explore the brine and mussels, and a few friends who share my passion for this unique place of salvation …"

Victoria Tarahonych on her trips both works and relaxes

Victoria Tarahonych, deputy of Uzhgorod City Council, Head of the European Integration and International Cooperation Department, "Vacation? I go abroad on business, it’s my job. So I rest between official visits, workshops, when traveling at the invitation of the twin cities. Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany – these countries I have visited this year. The most impressive was Darmstadt – the sister city of Uzhgorod, by the way, probably our favorite – this year it is 20 years as we have been friends. 


Also I am always happy to visit our other sister cities: Ihlavy (Czech Republic), Jaroslav (Poland) Michalovce …

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It is the second year we take part in the food festival there, cook bohrach, and the dish of Uzhgorod wins one of the prizes! 

Mykhailo Kachur traveled to Croatia … by bike

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Mykhailo Kachur, CEO of "Uzhgorod Turbohaz": "This year our family went on vacation to sunny Croatia. The country is beautiful in every sense. Firstly it’s the wonderful, clean and warm sea!  Next it is a country in which there are many recreational and cultural highlights, you can have both active and interesting rest here. Another important point: it has strong tourism infrastructure and service there is on a high level. And finally – it is easy to reach, 10-12 hours in the car and we are already on the coast.


This year I especially liked the town of Bol on Brac Island: extraordinary beach, one of the best on the Adriatic – Zlati Rog, with substantial local winery tasting. And cycling around the city – the cost of rental bike was included in the hotel’s services, which we enjoyed to the full – all the family.

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I believe that for a successful vacation three components are needed: a good location, good company and good mood." 

Bogdan Prannychuk rests only in the Carpathians

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Bogdan Prannychuk, Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional center of rural tourism: "My vacation was traditionally sporadic. I must say that me and my family never have troubles finding accommodations there. We know that we should not look for anything in distant lands – in Transcarpathia there is everything! Wonderful nature, great mineral water – you can heal yourself and relax! Of course, you should try the food – it is truly good and diverse here.


Favorite type of holiday? Of course, hiking in the mountains: there are many lakes and very beautiful landscapes there.  Favourite village is my own, native: Chorna Tisa, whence our main river Tisa originates … In order to have a good holiday one does not have to go far away, we should look around and relax in our beautiful nature. Especially for there are all conditions for this."

Marina Koval: "unlimited vacation" in Spain



Marina Koval, journalist, correspondent of "Inter" channel:

"This year I went on holidays to Spain – the sea and unlimited rest … Old streets of Girona, Dali Museum, the architecture of Gaudi, Gothic church in the center of Barcelona with geese in the yard, flamenco, sangria, attentive staff, low prices, Spain – forever! 


This little paradise was a bit spoiled by public beaches, through constant shouting of Vietnameses – "masssssazhe, masssssazhe".


The most important things on holidays are switched off mobile, positive attitude and good company."

Serhiy Hudak sees the sea at … his wife photos


Photographer, photojournalist of Ukrainian inform agency "Ukrinform" Serhiy Hudak:

"What vacation? I have too much work to do! Summer and early fall is the work season (photographers will understand). My brother and I planned to get a couple of days in the mountains – still haven’t managed.

Personally for me, the best holiday is a work with pleasure, travelling in Transcarpathia, especially the hinterland and mountainous places. I love the fresh air and the feeling of space!


Almost every day taking pictures of people I receive a great pleasure when I do not see them in the viewfinder (it’s almost as good as the mobile off!). However, it is always interesting during outings to get acquainted with "real" Transcarpathians: industrious, direct and very sincere people with special sense of humor – they are the salt of the earth. The greatest love is, of course, landscapes.


And, of course, the best vacation is a sleep! But my wife this year finally went to sea, I am very glad that she had rest – she needed it. As for me … She brought not only gifts and tan, but a dozen gigabytes of photos, so I have the impression that I, too, have seen it all. "

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