Sculpture Park of Peter Matl

In Transcarpathia he is known mostly as the author of the monument to Ilona Zrina and Ferencz Rákóczi in Mukachevo castle. Sculpture casted of bronze, mounted on the upper terrace of Palanok Castle, is always adorned with Hungarian ribbons and wreaths . 
Peter Matl is the Transcarpathian sculptor, an ethnic Hungarian who proudly represents Ukraine at many international art competitions and symposiums. And thence he brings home numerous victories. His sculptures are installed in dozens of European cities, as well as on other continents, but at home, his work remains in the shadows.
Peter Matl is now working on a very good and sincere in its form and content project: near his old home he is creating a sculpture park. Already there are more than a dozen works – mostly of stone and wood – there. All have the interesting stories of their creation. For example, some monuments Peter Metl had to literally save from disposing, and some (like the old board from the Palanok castle bridge) – from burning. For other wooden sculptures Peter Matl brought wood from abroad – from France, Germany … 
"Everyone exports wood from Ukraine, and I import it" – smiles the sculptor. "Many of my sculptures are made from twigs, roots, dried garden trees. I did not change them much. Just highlighted what the nature had made. Often it is enough to be able to see that beauty, which the nature has created, and just give it a complete form," – said Peter Matl. And this philosophy he professes in everyday life.
Most sculptures are devoted to the theme of family. However, you can see works dedicated to famous personalities of Transcarpathia and mythical characters. Thus, among the park exhibits of Peter Matl an easily distinctive sculpture is dedicated to Fedir Manaylo – the artist’s "brand" pumpkins. Equally significant is also the sculpture of St. Martin – the Patron of Mukachevo. 
 In deneral, the works of Peter Matl can be found in many parts of the world, particularly in his native Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Japan, Germany, the U.S., and soon they appear also in Brazil. This year the sculptor won the first place at the international symposium, which was attended by 150 participants, and gained the right to make sculptures for one of the Brazilian cities.


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