Scince the beginning of the year, Chop customs officials have seized 22 motorcycles and 10 scooters

Today (11/07/12) at four o’clock in the morning a "Mercedes-Benz" van driven by a citizen of Ukraine, who was returning from Venice to Kolomyia (Ivano-Frankivsk region) arrived at the ​​customs control checkpoint "Tisa". 

In the written declaration, provided for the customs clearance, our compatriot indicated only the presence of personal items. During oral questioning, he denied the presence of items that must be declared. 

But when customs officials checked the luggage compartment of the van, they discovered that the driver had picked up from overseas an unassembled motorcycle "HUSQVARNA". The discovered motorcycle was not fully complete – there was no liner, fuel tank, front lights and taillights, wheels and seats.

A similar "two-wheeled surprise" was seized by Chop inspectors 3 days ago on the same customs post "Tisa". A Ukrainian driver, returning from Belgium to Ivano-Frankivsk in a "Volkswagen" van, during customs clearance insisted that he was not carrying products that are subject to taxation. Our compatriot "forgot" that in the luggage compartment of the vehicle there is a "LIFAN" motorcycle wrapped in a tarp. This bike was similarly in unassembled state, there was no fuel tank, front light and rear lights, wheels, steering wheel and seat.

Administrative proceedings for importing in Ukraine objects, subject to compulsory declaration and taxation, according to Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine have been instituted. 

According to the Operations Division of the Anti-smuggling and Customs Violations Service of Chop customs, scince the beginning of 2012 32 protocol for a a total cost of about 400 thousand hryvnias have been written over similar facts. Illegal 10 scooters and 22 motorcycles have been delivered to customs warehouse until the court decision – informed Victoria Senhetovska, spokeswoman of Chop customs.

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