Schools are not closed due to the epidemic … yet

Epidemic outbreak of the "swine" flu is not a threat to Transcarpathians.

This was stated by epidemiologists. Virus A/N1N1 is eliminated. However, the number of patients with acute respiratory viral infections in the region is increasing. But doctors again ask to calm down. Firstly, it is a traditional phenomenon for this time of year. Secondly, the massive epidemic and quarantine are unlikely.

As the chief doctor of the Transcarpathian Regional SES, Volodymyr Markovich assured, there are no new outbreaks of "swine" flu in the region. The situation has stabilized, so you can be calm. As for others, the current incidence of acute respiratory viral infections does not exceed the epidemic threshold – only 65.4%. As stated by the physician-epidemiologist of Transcarpathian Regional State Laboratory Center of the State SES of Ukraine, Victoria Tymchyk, last week 6,464,000 Transcarpathians asked for medical help. This accounts for 52.5% patients per 10 thousand people. Nevertheless, doctors state: the number of patients with cute respiratory viral infections in recent weeks has significantly increased. However, SES workers emphasize that it is expected situation for this time of year. The epidemic and quarantine in schools are unlikely. "As of February 21, no school is closed because of the large number of sick children," – the epidemiologist said.

Source: karpatnews

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