School leaver Mykhaylo Turyanytsya: “200, 200, 200 – Hat Trick!”

Uzhgorod linguistic Gymnasium leaver Mykhaylo Turyanytsya at external independent testing (EIT) showed the highest scores in three subjects at a time: English and Ukrainian languages ​​and history. Thus, this purposeful young man has become a pride of our region. Nobody succeeded in getting maximum points in EIT before. Last year only 4 school leavers in Ukraine managed to get 200 points in 3 subjects.

On his "VKotakte" page on June 19 at about 2 a.m. the young man wrote, "200, 200, 200 – Hat trick!"

A person responsible for the EIT in Transcarpathian region Lubomira Mehela thinks that the estimated results of this year’s EIT are not worse than last year. 11 boys and girls got the highest marks in different subjects. As to Mykhaylo’s success, Ms. Mehela is calm: "Who learns well, he passes well! The region has many children who lacked just half a point to reach a point 200, so our children are clever "- she sums up. In total 7 333 school leavers took part in the testing.

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