Scandal at the session of the Regional Council: the ruling party and the opposition can not divide the budget

Today, May 17, at the session meeting of the regional council, the decision on amendments to the budget of the region, whereby they were supposed to distribute money for reconstruction, repair and construction of facilities, did not receive the majority of the present deputies’ votes.

On this occasion, the Governor Oleksandr Ledyda said: "Right now the United Center fraction has deprived Transcarpathians of repairs in kindergartens, schools and hospitals."   

In response, deputy Volodymyr Chubirko said that in Chop, only 250 children can go to kindergarten, while the need is 600 people, so more than 350 children whose parents work and pay taxes have to be on the street.  

Regional Council Chairman Ivan Baloha added that the management of RSA allocate funds only to those who are loyal to the Party of Regions. "The government should not ignore those who have their own opinion and should not blame the United Center faction for their mistakes" – Baloha said. 

Baloha also said that he had asked the head of the Regional State Administration to provide adequate funding of the newspaper "Novyny Zakarpattya".

Deputy Mykhailo Popovich said that funds were available already on January 1, and by mid-February they could have already prepared a draft decision on its distribution, but the regional government have not considered this issue until now because they do not want to negotiate with anyone. "They did not event want to talk, to hear others," – Popovich said. Deputy Myroslava Kalamunyak said: "We do not oppose constructions and repairs, but we also want to be heard."

After lengthy discussions and accusations of each other, the deputies went to the break and just now have returned to the meeting.

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