Saving on health: another “optimization” in Tyachiv district hospital

Last week, a reader from Tyachiv called to the office of the "Zamok" and complained about the conditions in Tyachiv district hospital № 1, where patients with infectious diseases are treated.

He said that in a small building of the integrated infection-dermo-venereal department, patients are forced to use one bathroom, which should not be. The reader, who did not wish to be called, also complained that there is not even water there, so he asked to learn how the hospital could have agreed to the integration knowing that there were no conditions for compliance with the regime there, and how long patients have to put each other in danger.

The "Zamok" turned for comment to the head of the department Iryna Levko, who said that she had received no complaints from patients and the regime is ensured as much as possible. "Yes, we do have a need for reconstruction of the facilities, new boxed rooms and bathrooms, – Mrs. Iryna said. – And we have repeatedly applied with appropriate requests to the hospital management and health administration.The building, in which the rooms are situated, is very old, it was built in times of Czechoslovakia. We plan to add the ​​second floor, make separate entrances and exits for patients with infections and skin diseases so that they would not contact with each other."

According to the doctor, now the department has seven rooms, one of them is for patients with cutaneous or venereal disease. The latter has been vacant since September last year. Dermal patients have been transferred to outpatient treatment, as there is an outbreak of viral hepatitis in the district and the rooms are filled with patients with this disease (currently, there are 14 of them).

The head of the district health administration Fedir Yarynych also does not see a big problem in the integration of the departments. The official noted that the optimization of Tyachiv district hospital number 1 had been conducted in 2011 by the order of the Department of Health. The reason is a small number of patients in dermo-venereal department so it was decided to merge it with the infectious one.  

None of the officials could say when exactly residents of Tyachiv district will have normal conditions in the hospital. Moreover, in the Health Department of the Regional State Administration they did not even know the reasons for optimization and schedule of the reconstruction of the old building, where the people are treated.

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