#Save_sakuras! A flash mob on the rules of conduct with the pink symbol of the city was launched in Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod is getting immersed in the long-awaited season and pink flowers.

Cherry blossom period in the regional center Transcarpathia is a truly special time.

In order to preserve the Japanese cherry which grows and blossoms thanks to the excellent idea (and its implementation) of Czech botanists from 1920s, indifferent citizens suggested a kind of a flash mob.

They suggest to share under the tag #save_sakuras the, so to speak, rules of conduct with flowering trees, and also tell about our Japanese cherry and even debunk some of the myths associated with the pink-flowered tree.

"Sakura is the heritage that we have inherited, that we have to preserve and enhance. In the spring, they are in the spotlight and this spotlight is not always good for the trees. In our flash mob we want to dispel some classic myths about the cherry and maybe it will save them from destruction. Please, support this initiative and add useful and important information. We still have a chance!

1. Sakuras do not smell and fade very quickly.

#save_sakuras" – journalist and volunteer Galina Yartseva started the campaign.

Currently, the flashmob has been expanded with the "rules of sakura," which we list below for Transcarpathians and above all, for tourists. So:

2. Selfies with detached sakura branch is not cool

3. Sakura does not bear fruit, so do not steal seedlings to private mansions and wait for golden plums.

4. Wind will sweep leaves from sakuras when the flowers have performed their function. Do not help flowers slough. Leave the beauty for others.

5. Sakuras do not need whitewashing. Other trees too.

6. In addition to the sakura, there are plenty of exotic trees in Uzhgorod, so come to Uzhgorod at least for a month, not just on weekends :). 

7. A torn off sakura branch lives a few minutes, you simply will not have time to bring it anywhere!

8. Lift a child up to branches, instead of pulling branches down. 

9. Think for a moment how many locals hate you when you proudly gave a child a sakura branch!

By the way, tourism expert Fedir Shandor comments that there are 7 kinds of sakura in Uzhgorod.

Add the "rules of the sakura" and information about it on Facebook under the tag #save_sakuras.


By the way, on April 20, "Sakura Fest" starts in Uzhgorod. Enjoy!

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