Save Transcarpathian tourism, or 8 proposals for the Ukrzaliznytsya (+ INFOGRAPHICS)

Transcarpathian tourism experts appeal to the main transport company of the state in order to save the industry.

The other day we tried to figure out what threats the Ukrzaliznytsya’s policy poses to Transcarpathia, as the company’s actions lately seem to be intented to "cut off" the region from the rest of Ukraine and definitely do not contribute to the development of our leading recreation industry, accessibility and popularity of our resorts.

The head of the Mukachevo Tourinfocenter Maxim Adamenko and the representatives of the company "Ekskursia", in particular, director Svitlana Chernova decided to prepare not only the analysis, but also the proposals to the Ukrzaliznytsya on how to resolve the situation. Of course, with the interests of Transcarpathia taken into account. Maxim Adamenko researched the leading tourist routes and, based on this, detailed "recipes" for transport policy in the field of railway communication were made. Maxim Adamenko shared this material with us. Let’s read, study, and discuss, and also – hope that the Ukrzaliznytsya will hear Transcarpathia!

First of all, the experts suggest:

"Let’s imagine situations!

A family (group) goes to rest in Transcarpathia. The most popular trips in Transcarpathia are weekends (2 days) and 3/5 day tours.

For example, we go for 2 days to one of the most popular sanatoria of Transcarpathia "Syniak" and leave from Kyiv on February 6 at 22:04 by train 017KO Kharkiv-Uzhgorod (only on even days) and arrive at the station Karpaty at… surprise! but the train does not stop here, you must go either to Svalyava, or to Mukachevo and order a transfer.

OK, let’s leave then at 21:02 by the train 081K Kyiv-Uzhgorod and arrive at 10:51 at the station Karpaty.

The next day, to return to Kyiv, we can take the train 081L Uzhgorod-Kyiv at 18:21 or train 045L Uzhgorod-Lysychansk at 21:40 from the station Karpaty. Because 017LSh does not run on odd days, and 029L has only two stops in Transcarpathia (Uzhgorod and Mukachevo)."

Let’s take a look at other important routes, with their pros and cons:

Comfort and logistics are shown in the tables (green – good, red – bad, yellow – not critical):

Tourist spots:


Destinations: Zhdeniyevo, Pylypets, Mizhhirya, Synevyr, Kolochava, etc.

Attractions: Waterdivider Ridge, Borzhava, Pylypets ski lifts and cycling parks, Izky ski lifts, the Shypit Falls, the Synevyr Lake, Kolochava museums, historical monuments, festivals, etc.

Hotel base: Volovets, Zhdeniyevo, Pylypets, Izky, Mizhhirya, Synevyrska Polyana, Kolochava, etc.


Destinations: Polyana, Solochyn, Bereznyky, Lysychevo, etc.

Attractions: sanatoriums and mineral waters of the Polyana region, Polyana ski lifts, Voyevodyn waterfall, vats, trout farms, historical monuments, festivals and the like.

Hotel base: Svalyava, Polyana, Turya polyana, etc.


Destinations: Syniak, Suskovo, Chynadiyevo, etc.

Attractions: Karpaty and Synyak sanatoria, mineral waters, extinct volcano Obavsky stone, Schonborn castle, St. Miklos castle, ski lift, vats, historic memorials, festivals, etc.

Hotel base: Syniak, Karpaty, Suskovo, Chynadiyevo, etc.

Stavne, Kostryno, V. Berezny, Perechyn

Destinations: Uzhok, Vyshka, Stuzhytsia, Ublya, Lumshory, etc.

Attractions: mineral waters, national natural parks, Uzhok pass, Waterdivider ridge, the Runa valley, extinct volcano Antalovtsi glade, Lumshory waterfalls, Krasia ski lifts, vats, historical monuments, festivals, etc.

Hotel base: green tourism estates in the settlements of Uzhok, Stavne, Kostryno, Vyshka, Lumshory, V.Berezny, Perechyn, etc.

Thus, on the basis of these data, tourism experts formed 8 key proposals for the Ukrzaliznytsya.

What should the railway communication be like?

  1. Trains should arrive in the morning or at noon, so that tourists could make the best use of the light day (especially in winter, when days are short). If they arrive in afternoon (after 14.00-15.00), they lose time for getting from the station to the hotel and checking in, and there is no time left for excursions.
  2. Train should make stops at key tourist spots: Volovets, Svalyava, Karpaty, Stavne, Kostryno, V.Berezny, Perechyn. Their specifications are listed above.
  3. Tickets should be available for sale 45 days in advance (especially critical in pre-holiday peak periods: January and May holidays).
  4. The timetable should be available six months in advance, so that tour operators could plan tours.
  5. Announcements of changes in timetables and additional trains should be made early (at least 2 months in advance) to enable early planning and decision making.
  6. Train should have more cars with reserved seats. It is because of their shortage that tourists choose other than Transcarpathia regions for vacation.
  7. As for suburban trains Lviv-Mukachevo-Uzhgorod-Lviv, they are not comfortable for tourists with luggage and their time is inconvenient.
  8. We consider it advisable to establish an advisory body of the region in order to solve the issue taking into account the demand of tourists and proposals of tour operators, which would include representatives of the tourism industry of Transcarpathia and a permanent regional representative of the Ukrzaliznytsya."

Tourism experts plan to send a letter with this information to the management of the Ukrzaliznytsya, and currently they are ready to hear ideas from specialists and general public.

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