“Sakura flower” in Uzhgorod raised money for a sick boy (PHOTOS)

On April 21, within the "Sakura Fest", a one day plein air "Sakura flower" with the participation of Transcarpathian artists was held in Uzhgorod. 

Even the weather hepled the artists. After several days of wind and cold, the sun came out on the day of the plein air. They were painting in the historic part of Uzhgorod, depicting favorite city "highlights", in particular, sakura trees. Eight artists were standing at their easel on the city streets that day: Vasyl Vovchok, Anton Kovach, Oleksiy Fedor, Yaroslav Dulenko, and art students Natalia Savchur, Olena Peresta and Yaroslava Katran. As a result, within a few hours (from 10.30 to 13.00), they created about a dozen works.


After the plein air, they arranged an exhibition and sale of works by Transcarpathian artists in the courtyard of the Transcarpathian Art Museum. The event had a noble purpose – to help a 14-year-old Ivan Luchan, who is now fighting a severe illness (on the same day, a charity concert for him took place in the Regional Philharmonic).   

During the exhibition and sale, according to the Transcarpathian regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, they sold 8 works. The prices varied – from 300 to several thousand hryvnia. Most of the proceeds was kept by the artists, and the rest was donated for treatment of Ivan Luchan. In total, his parents received 1,500 UAH. However, you can still buy spring in Uzhgorod… on canvas.  

Ю.Боднар із роботою
Художник Микола Шете із відвідувачами
О.Липчей Весна в Ужгороді
Художник Олексій Федор
Закарпатські митці Ю.Єгорова -Рогова, Ю.Боднар, Б.Кузьма, В.Кузьма,Н.Савчур,Я.Дуленко

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