Sad life of Uzhgorod Romas

The regional deputy, director of the Center for Neurosurgery and Neurology, parliamentary candidate in the constituency number 68 Volodymyr Smolanka talked with representatives of the Roma community.

Public figure, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Youth Roma association "Romani cherhen" journalist Miroslav Horvat says that the largest settlement of Roma in Uzhhorod is in the Radvanka district. Here, besides Roma schools, multi-college "Intelligence", schools number 10 and number 7 are situated. However the management of the latter school refuse to accept Roma children.

And speaking of Roma schools, school number 13 still has … no windows!      

Statistics show that the educational level of the Roma minority is the lowest in Ukraine: more than 90% of them do not finish primary school, only 6% have completed secondary or vocational school, and only a few received higher education. "If not for the International Fund "Revival", there would not be even those few" – Miroslav Horvat said.

Other issue is providing of medical assistance to Romas. Public figure tells that their people quite often complain that the ambulance often refuses to come to them, sometimes they ask to pay. 

Chairman of the Standing Health Committee of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Volodymyr Smolanka noted that in the regional medical institutions patients are fully provided with everything necessary. 

Professor believes that such cases should be immediately reported to the higher authorities to take action against such doctors. And in general: domestic medicine and education should serve every citizen of the state. In turn, community activists believe that it would be appropriate to establish committees in the local government that would lobby their interests at all levels as well as help in solving the urgent problems of national minorities. 

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