Russian troops invaded Ukraine – Media

The correspondent of the "New York Times" in Novoazovsk Andrew Kramer reports that Russian troops invaded south-eastern Ukraine.  

The piece in the publication reports that under the pressure of Russian tanks, artillery and infantry, Ukrainian military on Tuesday were forced to retreat in Novoazovsk.

Andrew Kramer also said that some Ukrainian soldiers refused to obey orders of the command.

"The commander of the unit, which is a part of the 9th Brigade from Vinnytsia, was shouting at men trying to turn them around. No result. Then he told everyone who refuses to fight to stay apart from the rest. 11 men did – the rest returned to the city" – Kramer describes the situation in Novoazovsk.

According to the reporter, some of the military on Tuesday were "chaotically running", the Radio Svoboda reported. The publication notes that the brigade from Vinnytsia had taken the fight with Russian troops near Novoazovsk, but later retreated to the west of the city.

The piece in the "New York Times" states that according to some western officials, "Russian offensive in the south-east may be part of a strategy to obtain land access to the Crimea" – the UNIAN reported.

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