Russian provocation aimed at inciting ethnic hatred in Transcarpathia failed (VIDEO)

Another Russian provocation aimed at inciting ethnic hatred in Transcarpathia was disrupted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

The agencies of the aggressor country were planning to use the conference of the representatives of national minorities, which was to be held in Uzhgorod, to declare demands for granting autonomy status to the region.


Russia also planned to use paid pseudoactivists to incite riots and confrontations with the police.

In addition, as part of the Russian provocation, banners with inscriptions in Hungarian language were illegally installed at night in three districts of the region. Due to the fact that these banners were installed without the permission of the authorities, they have been dismantled.

We reported that the Bureau of the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Ukraine responded to another provocation in Transcarpathia and demanded action from law enforcement officers to identify the provocateurs.

It has been established that the removed banners were produced by a printing shop in Kyiv at the request of individuals who maintain contacts with Russian information agencies. No local organizations have anything to do with the production and placement of these banners.

Also, May 18, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a man who was supposed to film the provocations in Transcarpathia.

He reported that he had been commissioned to prepare biased news from a person who uses the phone of a Russian mobile operator.   

The citizen was questioned as a witness in a previously opened criminal proceeding under Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. He was officially warned.

The investigation continues.


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