Russia installs webcams on the borders

The Federal Agency of Russian state border arrangement will install webcams on 13 road crossings between Ukraine and Russia, which will work in online regime, informs  HolosUA. These measures are carried out to organize smooth border crossing during the championship and will help to reduce the traffic jams, as it was explained in the agency. 

The image will be broadcasted on the federal website around the clock and the recordings will be archived.

The first fixed camera is already set on the car crossings between Belgorodska and Kharkivskyy regions – ‘the most problematic’ in terms of overcrowding: here waiting in queues may take up to 12 in summer. Two more crossings (Grayvoron, Shebekyno) were equipped with cameras on the temporary basis. They are planning to install 10 more cameras on the car crossings during next three months.

According to the Russian border forecast, 25-30 thousand people from Russia will enter Ukraine every day in the first days of championship. A back flow will be enriched by the Ukrainians who spend holidays in Black Sea resorts. All threads are divided into 25 car crossings that are operating on the borders between Russia and Ukraine.

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