Run, brides! Running is cool now!

"Runaway Brides" in the city over Uzh was held for the first time and brought together almost two dozen participants. The bride race is a novelty for Ukraine in general! The 9th Parade of the Brides in Uzhgorod on the Day of the Ukrainian Constitution started with the run.

Uzhgorod brides ran the distance of about 500 meters from Poshtova Square to Narodna Square, the information department of the Uzhgorod City Council reported. During the event in the "Fun Run" format, the participants wearing appropriate festive outfits and comfortable shoes were running "towards their happiness". It turned out to be spectacular, fun, dynamic!

"Running is cool now. Wearing sneakers with a dress is a fashion trend. Being cooler than Julia Roberts is possible. Each of you can run 500 meters. For your own reasons or just for fun!", – the organizers of the unusual race emphasized.

More than 70 beauties from the regional center of Transcarpathia, Mukachevo, Khust, Vynogradiv took part in the holiday. Members of the jury determined the winners in 11 nominations. They selected the best wedding dresses, make-ups, body-art, bouquets, hairstyles. 

This year, the participants preferred the classic styles. Beautiful white dresses of various styles and decor adorned both their owners, and the cultural and historical center "Owl’s Nest". In addition to traditional white dresses, they presented ethnic styles, glittering dresses, floral and Ukrainian folk patterns. Best makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers, designers worked with the Transcarpathian brides. There were also incredible bouquets – carving bouquets, made of ribbons, beads, real and artificial flowers, English style, and so on.

The motorcade with brides drove along the streets of the city. And then the brides, together with supporters and spectators, marched from Poshtova Square via Nezalezhnist embankment and the pedestrian bridge. The musical accompaniment by the orchestra of the Main Office of the National Police of Ukraine was the highlight of this year’s march. Uzhgorod had never seen such a vibrant, colorful and musical parade!

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