Ruins in the center of the village in Velykyi Bereznyi district (Time Photodocument)

Built in the eighties of the last century, this spacious club in the village area Kostryno in Velykyi Bereznyi district entertained people by various cultural programs, gala events. But they weren’t happy for long, because in the 90’s the remarkable construction made of brick, affected by a strange mysterious illness, started to decay. When life came to a standstill (the last to be moved to the local school was the library for adults), the bricks in the fading hearth of culture started disappearing one by one. Now you can easily organize tourist excursions to places of human mismanagement (in the village there are a few more blind spots: formerly powerful kitchen furniture shop, a large dairy farm, etc.)…There are a lot of rooms with no windows or doors in the dead Kostryno club as well as a spacious and bright in the past hall. How many concerts, clubs, studios and parties could be organized here after the overhaul.

Nobody thinks of this, none of the village owners (though the administrative building is near) are anxious about the ruin, which is losing its appeal, and the chances to revive the huge construction are being reduced.

Addresses of the villagers to various organizations and help requests didn’t help. There is a  rumor that the building has allegedly been sold, but for some reason a mysterious owner hasn’t appeared yet. Meanwhile, young people have nowhere to go, have fun.

Візитівка села по-костринськи.

Visit card of the village Kostryno

Без вікон, без дверей...

 No windows, no doors…

Чим не тема для демотиватора

Isn’t it a demotivating topic?

Клубний натюрморт.

Club still life painting.

Якій Руслані ця посвята - це залишиться загадкою.

Which Ruslana this message was dedicated to will stay a mystery.


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