Romanians want to build a mini-hydro in Rakhiv district

In Rakhiv district they may build another small hydro. Romanian investors are interested in this project. Recently, the leaders of the district discussed the prospect of building the power station in the mainstream of the Tisa. 
The meeting was attended by the acting district council chairman Mykhailo Firka and representatives of all organizations and services which are empowered to decide on the matter. The Romanian company UNION SA of the city of Baia Mare have turned to Rakhiv district administration with the proposal to build a hydroelectric power station. It’s about the construction of 9 MW mini hydroelectric power station in the district, near the Visheu valley (Luh on Tisa). Given the lack of electrical power in the settlements of Rakhiv district, the future HPP can be connected to the grids on its territory. In August 2012, in response to the request of the district authorities, the Regional State Administration reported that they supported this project. 

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