Rock romantics of the band “Bez Obmezhen” will perform in Uzhgorod in May (Announcement)

The musicians of the band "Bez Obmezhen", known Ukrainian rock romantics, natives of Transcarpathia, are touring in Western Ukraine. On May 6, the band will perform in Lviv club "The Gas Station", and on May 7 – in Uzhgorod, in the club "Outsider".

Last year, the group presented a new album #DYKHAYUTOBOYU.

Recently, the band began working on a new program. In particular, in Uzhgorod, they will present a new song "Let there be spring."

Serhiy Tanchynets, the band frontman told about the new song:

"The song was born about six months ago… Of course, it was inspired by the war. The lyrics are thoughts or feelings of the Man on the front. The chorus is expectation of the spring, both in literal and figurative sense – as the season and as the end of the war. But to understand the song you just need to hear it."

And then, new concerts and performances at festivals: SKANSEN MUSIC FEST, the 12th International Festival "Tattoo Collection" (Kyiv), Tarasova Gora (Kaniv), the Art Festival "Triangle" (Kolomyia), Respublica (Kamyanets-Podilsky) and others.

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