‘Rock-H’ thinks that Vakarchuk is a nice guy from Mukachevo

The song ‘Vivtsi’ (‘Sheep’) in the ‘Rock-H’ band performance has already been sent to all the country radio stations. The video premier is being prepared on the channel M1 now. This was announced by the band leader – Viktor Yantso.

The video was shot in four places of Transcarpathian region: on the meadows near the village of Guklyve, at the poma lift in the village of Pylypets near the Shypit waterfall and in the Chynadiiv castle as well. The band members wanted to play a song on the meadow with the sheep on the background, but when the first drum beats were heard the quadruped ‘extra people’ began to spread in different directions, so they had to turn on their mobile phones and ‘whisper’ the song to the video. ‘So, – as Viktor Yantso said – as toVakarchuk, it did not work a little bit’.

By the way, the guys from ‘Rock-H’ are fond of this artist, because for the question: is Sviatoslav Vakarchuk your idol? – Viktor Yantso said that he is a nice guy from Mukachevo and his music stands out on the background of others, which are made in Ukraine. As it is known, Vakarchuk supported our “Rock-H” on the M1 project “Svizha Krov” (“Fresh Blood”), selected us among fifty other groups on djuice-kvartyrnyk, which was broadcasted live on the internet and a kind of ordered them video on the song “Shchedryk.”

‘Rock-H’ is satisfied with their first album and prepares the record for the second in autumn. They say that if even the immigrants in Italy buy this CD then the album sold itself.

The band ‘Rock-H’ is quite popular not only in our country but also abroad. What concerns the nearest plans, there are three invitations to the concerts in Poland, one in Slovakia and ‘autumn’ invitation to Italy ‘Days of Ukrainian culture.’

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