“Rock H” presented the second album and almost completed the third one

January 12, Transcarpathian band "Rock H" together with Uzhgorod Press Club presented their second album – "Otava." The musicians fulfilled the promise made to reporters last year during the festival "Red wine" and the presentation of the first album – to present the next one in a year.This time the album is called "Otava." Accordingly, the table, which it was presented at, was covered with otava – in Transcarpathia it is the name of dried grass for cattle gathered for the second time in a season. Victor Yantso told that the band decided to present each year a new album. Moreover, they promised to release the third album even sooner – it is almost ready. "Otava – is the second hay mowing, since it is our second album. That is the capital of Canada has nothing to do with it" – the musician joked.
Rodion Sun Lion commented on the recording: "We recorded new songs very quickly (the first album took about 4 years). Sometimes musicians mastered a new song in 2 hours. Now, when there are no new songs, it is not even fun the to play a concert."


 Background for the cover of "Otava" was created by the wife and daughter of Victor Yantso, and font and overall concept was developed by Oleg Olashyn. Also, they added to the album a booklet with lyrics and a glossary explaining words for the convenience of listeners. Fans do not always understand Transcarpathian words.    During 2012 Rock H gave more than 50 concerts, which is twice more than in the previous year. This year they plan to tour Ukraine.As for the third album, its title is yet unknown, but the musicians promise that it will be an experiment, unlike the previous two. The overall Rusyn themes will remain, but they will experiment with the sound.


Photo: Uzhgorod Press Club

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