Robert Horvat: We need to ensure state procurement of drugs for people with Duchenne dystrophy

People’s deputy of Ukraine Robert Horvat appealed to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine about the situation with the provision of medicines for Ukrainians suffering from a rare disease – Duchenne dystrophy, the press service of the deputy informs.

"Duchenne dystrophy, fortunately, is little known to most Ukrainians. However, for 444 Ukrainian citizens, for 444 Ukrainian families, this disease is a cruel reality which they have to face on their own. We must admit that the government, despite all legislative guarantees, does not provide Duchenne dystrophy patients with proper treatment and critically important therapies due to lack of budget funding," – Robert Horvat said.

As the deputy noted, the modern treatment of Duchenne dystrophy involves the use of corticosteroids, which allow to delay the loss of mobility, control and support of cardiovascular and respiratory activities, measures for the prevention and treatment of bone fragility, and in some cases include surgical procedures and rehabilitation procedures, which require significant financial resources. Most families of the patients cannot afford expensive treatment, which can at least somehow alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

"That’s why I appealed to the Acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun with the request to provide financing for procurement of medicines for citizens suffering from this disease. In addition, I consider it necessary finally to develop and implement clear industry standards for the treatment of Duchenne dystrophy. In Ukraine, there are still none, which makes the work of doctors difficult and often leads to ineffective treatment of patients. I expect the answer and concrete steps to solve this problem," – Robert Horvat said.

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