Robert Horvat offered the Government a way to accelerate the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles

It is about allowing Ukrainian enterprises and commercial organizations to arrange facilities for charging electric vehicle batteries. At present, such commercial activity is not provided by the domestic laws.

MP Robert Horvat wrote about it on his page in social network Facebook.

"[…] In the current version of the CTEA (Classification of Types of Economic Activities), there is no activity type that could include services for charging electric vehicles. Owners of coffee shops, shops or hotels can not equip parking platforms with commercial chargers for electric cars, which considerably hinders the development of the electric charging station infrastructure", – the parliamentarian explained.

Thus, Horvat sent a deputy request to the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv with a proposal to consider introducing a new activity to the CTEA – "Services for battery charging."

"This step will allow us to prepare the basis for further development and functioning of the successful market of electric vehicles in Ukraine", – Horvat says.

"Along with the stimulation of sales, it is necessary to develop the infrastructure and create attractive conditions for world producers in Ukraine. European countries are taking measures to support the development of electric vehicles, because it is a global trend, which is now in demand," – Horvat says.

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