Robbery of a shop in Uzhgorod. Fortunately, unsuccessful (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

At night, in the Uzhgorod suburb Shakhta, unknown persons attempted to rob a grocery store.

According to the owners of the shop, at about four o’clock in the morning, the robbers broke the glass door with a stone and entered inside. Immediately, the alarm went off, the robber was captured on camera.

The thief tried to steal money from the cash register, but he was not lucky – the cash was taken from the cash register for the night. Realizing that time was running out, the would-be robber fled the store. That saved him – representatives of the security firm "SENK", which provides services to the store, arrived at the scene within 4-5 minutes. The police also arrived quickly.

So, fortunately, the criminals did not cause significant damage. The robbers are currently being wanted. Photos and videos are provided by store owners.



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