Road Service advise to drive after May

February 22, there was the extended meeting of the Board of Prosecutors of Transcarpathian region, where they considered the prosecutor’s supervision over the observance of legislation in public procurement in the road sector.

According to the official website of the prosecutor’s office, among those present, there were in particular heads of department of industry and infrastructure development of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, SE "Oblavtodor", State Financial Inspection, State Treasury, traffic police. The participants were put in the appropriate "mood" by viewing stories in local and national news on the condition of Transcarpathian roads.

The acting prosecutor of the region Andriy Bakay in his speech to the audience, said: "Maybe on paper in your reports everything looks not too bad, but the people, and all of us, driving daily on our roads, which are rightly called not roads but directions, see how critical the situation is."

Following the "conversation" the head of the Road Service Vasyl Markovich assured those present that "by May holidays, there will be no holes on the state roads." 

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