Road inspectors together with activists fight against illegal carriers (PHOTOS)

In Ukraine and Transcarpathia in particular, they always hold a variety of preventive measures to prevent road accidents involving passenger vehicles. Today, for the first time, members of the public participated in such measures.

The main objective of the measures was to identify carriers engaged in passenger transportation without the proper licenses and permits. Usually, "illegal" carriers do not stop at just this one violation. Thus, today, they found illegally converted vans as well as vans that were transporting passengers in total darkness, in the luggage compartment. To make more money, such carriers install more seats than that provided by the design of the vehicle, and put three people on two seats.


Since today representatives of NGOs were patrolling together with road inspectors, offending drivers did not even attempted to argue with policemen and immediately recognized the illegality of their actions.

According to the Chief of the Traffic Police Sector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Office Vasyl Filip, it is the presence of the public that affects drivers so. If NGOs continue to play an active part in these raids, the issue of "illegal" carriers will be solved in no time.     


The Right Sector representative Mr. Mykhailo said that together with the traffic police inspectors they had been jointly ensuring road safety for several weeks, there had been different situations, but they always tried to avoid conflict. For example, today, passengers of one of the minibuses were very unhappy that their journey was interrupted, and that’s understandable. But they called a legal carrier who agreed to deliver people to their destination.

Source – Traffic Police Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region

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