Right Sector of Transcarpathia “New stories of alarmists that we raid villages and take people to the ATO are ridiculous”

While patriots are fighting fiercely in the East, anti-Ukrainian sentiments continue to spread in Transcarpathia. Thus, there are rumors of forced mobilization of men in the ​​ATO area. Now, the legendary Right Sector is lugged into it.

 The head of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia Oleksandr Sachko reported that he had received the information that their members allegedly raid villages and "take people to the ATO." Supposedly, they do it with representatives of the recruiting office, police and even using weapons. Of course, no one tells any specific facts, citing only hearsays.

What’s more, the facts of these incidents, when someone disguised as military officers, policemen and the Right Sector "mobilized" men, were confirmed by the military commissioner of the region Ivan Vasyltsyun, according to him, such provocations took place in Irshava district. And rumors of such incidents were intentionally spread in Mukachevo, Khust and Tyachiv district.

Oleksandr Sachko commented: "This is ridiculous, just imagine this trinity: military officers, police, and us… Although, in fact it is annoying. It crosses all the lines. They went as far as saying that we take 15-16-year-old boys from the streets directly to the ATO. All, who encounter such rumors or incidents, must contact the law enforcement agencies, the Security Service of Ukraine for appropriate response. And also, our "hotline" which is always available, or me personally. Once again, we have neither rights, nor powers, nor need to take any action regarding the mobilization. This is nonsense and provocation."  

Oleksandr Sachko again emphasizes that all the rumors of forced mobilization, let alone the participation of the Right Sector in it, are provocation aimed to destabilize the situation in the region.

By the way, here are the numbers of the "hotline" of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia: 093 82 64 621; 099 01 66 034; 067 91 23 926.





So, once again we advise Transcarpathians to stay calm and analyze the situation and not to succumb to provocations of hostile forces.

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