Resonant arsons in Transcarpathia cannot be clearly qualified as a banal bullying

Among the major problems that are not resolved currently in the region, the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Transcarpathian region Victor Rusyn considers arson and robbery. He said this on TV channel ‘Tisa-1’ broadcast. The Joint Meeting with the participation of the Regional Prosecutor has identified shortcomings in operational and search activities and investigative work in the process of disclosure of this category of crimes.

The analysis of so-called ‘arsons’ has shown that it is about the clarification of relationship between specific individuals for the last few years: business, business activity, etc., says Victor Rusin. According to him, if such problems are solved by means of crimes prejudicial to health in other regions, in Transcarpathia the fire ‘warning’ is ‘practiced’.

According to the chief police officer, 21 searches were conducted this week in places of people’s dwelling who were identified in the process of investigation. As a result of operational measures positive results will be achieved. ‘I cannot say now how many cases will be solved, but the work is being carried out’ – convinced Victor Rusyn.

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