Residents of Tyachiv district sing carols in Romanian

Carols are priceless pearls of the soul of the people.In multinational Transcarpathia they are special – various and unique. In these holy days of Christmas carols are heard in every house – of Ukrainians, Hungarians, Romanians and representatives of other nations. Compassion and humanity, spirituality and grace are put into simple words, but in Christmas carols they have a magical power which people believe in.

In the village of Topchino in Tyachiv district they have also caroled always, as in all Romanian villages of Transcarpathia. And always there have been enthusiasts who took a lot of efforts to preserve a priceless heritage – carols.

Angela Motre, Uzhgorod art school graduate, gathered talented children of Topchino and formed the band, which, in particular, participate in numerous concerts, festivals, competitions and preserve Romanian melody.  In the village there is no house of culture, no other place for rehearsals, so twice a week she holds them at the parents places.

These days, children first brought the good news of the Savior’s birth to their teacher. They sang carols and according to the ancient tradition received generous gifts – nuts, apples and candy.

Let us open the door, let us hear carols from Romanian kids, and no matter that they sound in incomprehensible language – cultural interference of peoples of Transcarpathia will allow us to understand the joy of the birth of the Messiah.


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