Residents of Shyroke suffer from water shortage

In arid summer and autumn residents of Shyroke village in Vynogradiv district suffer from lack of water. The village has two wells over a hundred meters deep. But because of siltation and deterioration of the network farmers now are forced to bring water from the nearby Velyka Kopania. This and other problems villagers shared during the meeting with the candidate in constituency number 73 Ivan Baloha.

Ivan Feyer, the village head, who was elected to this position just four days ago, among the main problems for the villagers named the lack of water. "Hot summer, low rainfall has led to the fact that not only cattle – people have no water. Every day people bring it from the neighboring villages, but it is not an option" – complained the village head.

Ivan Baloha agreed that the lack of clean drinking water is a real problem for many Transcarpathian villages. Out of nearly 600 settlements in the region, only 37 have water pipes. Less than 15 percent of the countryside residents are provided with centralized water supply. "This is a disaster, a problem for the people. Our land has unique mineral waters, rich supply of fresh water, and our people are without water and carry it in tanks? This is wrong, this is not supposed to be", – said Ivan Baloha.

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