Residents of Mukachevo and Khust will be paying for bus ride the same as before

Bus fares in Mukachevo and Khust are not going to rise and will be equal to 2 UAH as before. As "The Zamok" reported in the last issue, in the regional center bus rides will cost 2.30.

"Entrepreneurs have not yet applied to us with the proposal to revise the fares," – the head of the department of economics of Mukachevo City Council Svitlana Vasiltsyun said. However, it is not excluded that this will not happen in the future. If such proposal comes, first, the issue will be considered by the special commission, and then decided at a meeting of Mukachevo executive committee.

And the head of the department of economic of Khust city council Natalia Kemin assured "The Castle", that the issue of the increase of bus fares is irrelevant at least for the nearest future. According to her, the carriers can not give a precise economic analysis of the cost. Ms. Kemin added that businessmen recently have not bought a single new bus for the city. So residents of Mukachevo and Khust, at least for the next couple of month, can breathe easier. And Uzhgorod residents, beginning from March, will have to get used to add coins to 2 hryvnias.

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