Representative of Nataliya Korolevska’s Party in the DEC number 71 was replaced unknowin to the campaign headquarters

The head of the "Ukraina-Vpered" party campaign headquarters Andriy Didun learned about the replacment of the party’s representative in the 71th DEC Nataliya Brovdi in a telephone conversation with her.
As you know, according to the decision of the CEC five members of the DEC 71 centered in Khust have been replaced, among the new members are mother-in-law of Stepan Derkach and his personal driver. Moreover, according to the head of the local campaign headquarters of the "Ukraina-Vpered" party Andriy Didun, unknown to them the representative of their party has been replaced to. "Nataliya herself called me and said that there was the appropriate decision by the CEC. I knew nothing about any replacement. 

No one in Kyiv told us who was involved in it.

 So we do not know, whose submission this person was replaced on" – said Andriy Didun. 

Nataliya Brovdi herself said that her replacement was announced on November 4, "The DEC Chairman read out the CEC decision on the replacment of 5 DEC members, among their names there was mine." Instead of Nataliya Brovdi, the 71th DEC was joined by Volodymyr Homba, a member of Nataliya Korolevska’s party "Ukraina-Vpered" regarding whom Ms. Nataliya said: "I do not know this man."  

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