Repair on Swabska street in Uzhgorod. Holes in passages are filled with clay (PHOTOS)

Holes in the wooden platform near the building sites situated on Swabska street in Uzhgorod have been repaired in a rather original way. They have been filled with … soil. Are they planning to plant flowers there?
It is not known yet who came up with this unconventional method of repairing wooden corridors. Note that recently uzhgorod. in has written about the problem of accident-causing passages in the city.

Therefore, it might be some kind of a reaction to the article. We remind that a good condition of such passages should be provided by the person who is actually building an object. If they do not do this, the city municipal police must notify the owners of the object on appropriate sanctions and in case of non-compliance – dismantle the gallery. However, for some reason such a “trifling” problem that, however, disturbs and is even dangerous for pedestrians, cannot be solved by anyone in any way.




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