Relentless tourists keep getting lost in the Carpathians, and mountain rescuers keep finding them (PHOTOS)

During the weekend and holidays, mountain rescuers were called twice to assist tourists who had gotten lost in the Carpathians. Thus, on the evening of March 8, it was reported that a resident of Kyiv had gotten lost while skiing in the area of the Dragobrat mountain in ​​Rakhiv district. The report was received at 6:10 pm and within an hour the man was found alive and well near the Vurda Valley. The mountain rescuers then escorted the 26-year-old resident of Kyiv to the resort where he was staying.

The next search operation took place in the Krachunyaska mountain valley, in the same Rakhiv district. This time, two skiers got lost in the mountains due to poor visibility. A 24-year-old Lviv resident and a 35-year-old Kyiv woman were skiing in the area of the Dragobrat mountain. In just over two hours, the tourists were found near the Grigulets tract and taken to a safe place.

In total, 14 rescuers of Rakhiv search and rescue group and two pieces of equipment were employed for the search operations. Volunteers also helped in the search.

The SES of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region


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