Regional Council Deputies did not support Ledida about sanatorium “Pearl of the Carpathians”

At the very beginning, when discussing the agenda for today, June 8, at the session meeting of the Regional Council, on the question of what to do with a health resort "Pearl of the Carpathians", the Chairman of the Regional Council Ivan Baloga and RSA Chairman Alexander Ledida expressed two radically different views.

RSA Chairman insisted on the inclusion in the agenda the matter of adoption of the resort in the ownership of the territorial community, allegedly, only then will it be possible to put it up for auction to find an efficient owner.

But the chairman of the Regional Council explained that the Regional Council had already made the decision to adopt the complex into the regional communal property, but prosecutors appealed against it in court and won the case.

The regional prosecutor, Anatoly Petrunya explained that in 2008-2009, prosecutors did not agree with the fact that Chinadievo village council should take ownership of "Pearl of the Carpathians", according to the prosecutor’s office, the complex, which was built with funds of the whole region, trade unions, can not be owned by one rural community. This position was also supported by the judges.

Only 53 deputies supported the position of RSA chairman, so the question was not included in the consideration. The agenda includes consideration of termination in the way of liquidation of “Pearl of the Carpathians”. It will be discussed by the deputies later on.

As we have previously reported, the Chairman of the State Administration Oleksandr Ledida has already held talks with the man who will later be given an opportunity to get the ownership of the sanatorium complex.

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