Regional authorities are against the construction of perinatal center in Khust?

The heads of the executive branch do not support the idea of ​​extension of Khust district hospital with obstetric and gynecological department.

Vice-Chairman of Regional State Administration Ivan Kachur informed of this in the letter to regional council deputies. "The Office for Communal Ownership of the Property prepared the project, which is to be considered by the State Administration on the next session of the Regional Council. It has to do with the decision on regional municipal ownership of the building B “gynecology” on Griboedova street, 24, where it is planned to place the regional perinatal center with 150 beds. Given the significant costs for the reconstruction of the regional perinatal center, the state administration is offering to consider whether it is practical to continue the construction of OGD of Khust district hospital after the establishment of regional perinatal center", – was said in a letter prepared by the Head of the Department of Healthcare, Roman Schnitzer signed by the deputy chairman of the State Administration Ivan Kachur.

We remind that at the last session of the Regional Council the Deputies instructed regional authorities to consider the future of obstetric and gynecologic campus of Khust district hospital. In March, the hospital held an extended meeting of the Standing Committee of the regional Board of Healthcare. The main issue on the agenda was whether to continue the construction of obstetric and gynecologic campus of Khust district hospital. The event was attended by the chairman of the regional council Ivan Baloga, Khust city mayor Vladimir Kashchuk, the Chairman of Khust District Council Vasiliy Gubal, Deputy Head of Regional State Administration of Healthcare Volodymyr Brych and representatives of state administration.

Construction of obstetric and gynecologic campus of Khust Central District Hospital began in 1991. In 1995, the building was covered by a roof. 10 years hardly any work has been done here. Readiness of the building is 25%. Project estimating documentation has recently been updated. In the four-storey building it is planned to place antenatal care, family planning center, surgery unit, receiver, and the maternity department of pathology and nursing of premature babies.

The head doctor Vladimir Roman states that each year more than two thousand babies are born in the maternity ward, and almost ten percent of them are premature babies. About 250 pregnant women come from other parts of the region. Now there are 48 obstetric hospital beds, while by the regulations of the Ministry there should be 70. Instead of 480 square meters, the area of ​the prenatal clinic is only 140. The number of maternity beds and wards is much smaller than should be, – said the doctor. "For the medical community and the public of ​​the city and the district the answer to the question of whether to expand the building is an unequivocal – it is necessary. It is better to form three powerful birth departments than 10-15 maternity wards. We believe that this should be done in stages, and we are ready to this", – concluded Vladimir Roman.
Regional Council Commission and the Chairman of the Regional Council Ivan Baloga supported medical community of the town and district as to the completion of the construction of obstetric-gynecologic campus of Khust district hospital. MPs also recommended the regional administration to pass the building on from the balance of the capital construction management to the district. But it seems that the members of the executive power of the region have a different position and oppose the completion of the perinatal center in Khust.

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