Refined natives of Armenia accept Transcarpathian climate

In Uzhgorod apricots are in blossom. Neither April snowstorms, nor unexpected frosts were able to stop a powerful spring ‘current’ of fruit. Many scientists believe that the seeds of apricots, along with cherries and peaches, were brought to Europe and Greece from India by Alexander the Great. However, the apricot is called ‘Prunus Armenica’ / Armenian plum / because its seeds were found during archaeological excavations in Gamay / Armenia /.

Nevertheless, the wonderful fruit feels comfortably on the Carpathian land, being one of the first to ‘shoot’ the remnants of winter with violent color, forecasting the warmth and sun. It is for courage it often suffers from spring frosts.

It should be noted that in Europe apricot is considered an aphrodisiac. It has a lot of carotene, which helps  heart diseases, reduces cholesterol and prevents cancer. In Chinese medicine it is used to restore fluids in the body, detoxify it, as well as to quench thirst.


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