Recruiting offices will be hunting for Transcarpathian deputies!

The Military Commissioner of Transcarpathia Ivan Vasyltsyun reported: first of all, mobilization calls will be issued to representatives of the authorities – deputies of all levels, civil servants.

This is how he commented on this intention: "There are no "white" and "black" in the society. Therefore, all who work in the authorities, should be one of the first to receive calls." 

"100% of the deputies of different levels – out of those who are subject to mobilization – will be notified and we expect that they will gladly fulfill their duty to the state" – Ivan Petrovich said.

He said that in the military commissariats of the region, they do not forget about deputies of regional, district, city, town and village councils. Exacly how many of them are subject to mobilization (meet the requirements) remains to be seen, since they are talking about all districts and settlements. But Vasyltsyun said that they will call all of them, regardless of rank, and even in order of priority: everyone, who should receive calls, will receive them.

Recall that yesterday mobilization calls were delivered to deputies of Uzhgorod City Council, including the son of the former Mayor Andriy Pogorelov. Pogorelov Sr. refused to give the valid address of his son.

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