Reconstruction or destruction of Nevytsky castle: something went wrong (PHOTOS)

Recently, a large-scale reconstruction began in Nevytsky Castle, which is one of the unofficial symbols of Transcarpathia. 
The works are being carried out at the expense of EU budget sector support – 9 million 250 thousand hryvnias. 
The event is extraordinary. In particular, the roofs are being reconstructed and some of the weakeat walls are being partially preserved. However, apparently something went wrong. 
"Today at Nevytsky Castle. This is a monument of national importance. Two kinds of work are being carried out. On the one hand, restoration (conservation, repair) work is underway, and on the other hand, the destruction of the monument, as evidenced by fencing and partial destruction of the outskirts. More detailes later… ", – the candidate of historical sciences of Uzhgorod National University, archeologist Volodymyr Moyzhes reported on the social network. 
As you can see from the published photos, the area around the castle is currently being fenced, which is apparently being done with obvious violations and was not approved by scientists and researchers.

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