Reconstruction of water intakes is planned in Mukachevo

The "Program for reforming and maintaining the water supply and sewage system in the territory of the city of Mukachevo for 2018" is to be considered at the regular session of the city council.

The company "Mukachivvodokanal" is a monopolist for the provision of water supply and wastewater services in the city. Water is extracted from 84 working artesian wells with the depth of 40 to 200 meters and is supplied to consumers by pumping stations of the first, second and third levels. The city consumes more than 25 thousand cubic meters of drinking water per day. The total length of the water supply network is 222.5 km and the sewage network is 207.4 km.

The enterprise provides drinking water to over 27,000 city consumers and about 1,337 enterprises, institutions and organizations, including hospitals, kindergartens. In addition, the company provides the city with a centralized sewage, that is continuous cleaning of sewage and other waters that enter the sewage systems.

A large-scale reconstruction of the water intakes on Sevastopolska, I. Franko, Chernyshevsky streets, in Klyucharky will be carried out. Reconstruction of the pumping station in Chynadiyevo water intake, modernization of the wells in the Central water intake will be conducted, street sewers on Skovoroda street will be built. 

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