Rakhiv district invites to the Hutsul Festival “Berlybash banush” (Announcement)

The Hutsul village of Kostylivka in Rakhiv district invites connoisseurs of unique culture and identity of Rakhiv district to the X Jubilee Food Festival "Berlybash banush." On May 14, the themed festivities with traditional entertainment and an unforgettable atmosphere will be held at the foot of the legendary rock cliffs.

The festival program includes a solemn procession-parade of Hutsul ranks, district competition and master class in cooking of traditional Hutsul dish – banush, the fair of products of local craftsmen and local delicacies as well as traditional "Berlybash tinctures", fun contests and entertainment, concert program with performances of Hutsul bands and artists, magical Ethnic fire show and more. There will be the traditional "patron" and the festival mascot – Berlybashka cow.

Details are on the poster: 

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