Raisa Nedashkivska: “The castle is made for Shakespeare productions!”

The famous Ukrainian actress in an exclusive interview to Uzhgorod.in shared her impressions of the city.

Recently, Mrs. Raisa visited Uzhgorod with a recital, where she recited poems of Lesya Ukrainka and ballads of Shevchenko. It is not the first visit of Mrs. Nedashkivska to Transcarpathia, she has performed here several times.This time, she visited the city at the invitation of her old friend from Uzhgorod Veronica Hopko. And since she stayed in the city a few days, she was able to explore it and feel its taste. She says that Transcarpathia tastes for her like mushrooms.

– In Kyiv, I have not been eating mushrooms since 1986, and here I have an opportunity to enjoy their taste. This time, Veronica treated me with potato pancakes with mushroom sauce. Yum! – Nedashkivska said.

As for the city itself, according to Raisa Nedashkivska, Uzhgorod strikes the most in spring when the cherry blossoms.

– I was able to see it once, it is incomparable! – the actress shared experiences.

Now, in the autumn, Raisa Nedashkivska was impressed the most by Uzhgorod Castle.

– It has been said many times that Uzhgorod is European city, but the castle is the real Europe in Uzhgorod. It is European, because it has historical roots. Everyone must come here in order to feel these roots, – she said. – And what a sunset! – Raisa Nedashkivska added.

Also, the actress noticed another untapped potential of the castle.

It was made for Shakespeare productions! – Mrs. Nedashkivska said. – I talked about this with your theater director, it must be done now. It should be the symbol of the city in a cultural sense.   Moreover, it would be great to hold Shakespeare Festival here. It would be extraordinary! Then everyone would talk about Uzhgorod as a cultural city. All theatrical elite would come here. I do not understand why nobody has done it yet – the actress noted.

Finally, Raisa Nedashkivska expressed her admiration about Transcarpathians, in particular, the community from the village of Velyka Dobron that recently have become famous in Ukraine when they repaired a street in their village without government assistance.

These people are an example for the entire nation – an example that we must improve our communities ourselves, because no one will do it for us – Raisa Nedashkivska said. 

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