“Radical” rules of communication (VIDEO)

 Last night, patrol policemen recieved the information about a conflict in one of the Uzhgorod bars: three unknown men started a fight beat one of the patrons, and inflicted light bodily injuries to several more.

As informed by the Zaholovok with reference to the "Novyny Zakarpattya", the suspects were gone from the scene, so the police oficers sent out their description to their colleagues. The hooligans were found on Teatralna Square. The men tried to escape from the policemen, while shouting threats at them.

When the police caught the suspects, one of them was identified – it was Taras Deyak – the head of the Carpathian Sich. The young man threatened the police with physical harassment and had a melee weapon on him. Other patrol detained another participant in the conflict, a resident of the village of Kamyanske in Irshava district Bogdan Chedryk, who was carrying two knives and a pepper-spray canister.

The actions of the suspects have signs of criminal offenses under Articles 296.4, 263, 345, 125 of the CCU. The citizens were arrested, an investigation team was called to the scene. 

In the comment to the "Mukachevo.Net", the spokesperson of the Transcarpathian regional police Tetyana Shchogoleva confirmed the information about the night incident in Uzhgorod, but did not disclose the names of the participants.

Recall that those are the same people who in March this year in Uzhgorod tried to disrupt the campaign in support of women’s rights and the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.  


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