Rabid animals have been caught

As uzhgorod.in reported, March 6 in the village of Kvasovo in Beregovo district a horse was killed. And on March 19, in Beregovo – a dog. In both cases, the cause of death was hydrophobia. Experts speculated that they had been bitten by wild beasts. Today the MOE reported that these assumptions appear to have been true – in Beregovo district two rabid foxes had been shot.

"Yesterday, April 2, the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Beregovo reported that 27.03.2013 near the villages of Yanoshi and Popovo in Beregovo district two foxes had been killed.

02.04.2013, Transcarpathian State Veterinary Laboratory concluded that the animals had rabies.

Employees of Veterinary Medicine burned the animal carcasses.

A meeting of the State emergency anti-epidemic commitee at the Beregovo DSA was conducted, quarantine restrictions in the villages of Yanoshi, Popovo and adjacent green zone were imposed" – quote from the statement of the State Emergencies Service office in Transcarpathian region.

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