Quarantine break has started in the schools of Uzhgorod district

Starting from February 14, schools of Uzhgorod district are on a quarantine for 14 calendar days (the educational process is suspended). This decision was made today at the meeting of the relevant commission of Uzhgorod district state administration.

In addition, chairmen of the Serednye town and village councils should put in place restrictive measures in the settlements of the district regarding the anti-epidemic regime in all establishments, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership; conduct daily monitoring of children attendance and close kindergaten if more than 20% of children are absent due to influenza and ARVI. 

For reference: According to the Uzhgorod City and District Branch of the State Enterprise "Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine", there is a gradual increase in the ARVI incidence rate among residents of the district. The increase of the incidence rate is noted in all age groups, except for children under one year old, including the highest growth rate in the age group of 15-17 years old – 19.2% (from 42 to 52 cases), among children 5-9 years old – 10% (from 102 to 114 cases), 10-14 years old – 5.3% (from 88 to 93 cases). The increase of the incidence rate among the adult population is 29% (from 115 to 162 cases).  

Source: Uzhgorod district council

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