Putin was defeated in Ukrainian Transcarpathia

Putin’s Transcarpathian "trumps" turned out to be a sham. Agents have been exposed

Transcarpathia, as well as Ukraine as a whole, has survived probably the worst year since the Second World War. And the result of this year is decent.

The region, that all kinds of Ukrainophobes were carefully preparing as a springboard for their possible attack, did not yield to provocations.

First Budapest tried to play the Hungarian card using the confusion of Kyiv after the Putin’s attack on the Crimea and the Donbas. The neighbors started to openly talk about the need for Hungarian autonomy in Transcarpathia, hitting on already torn Ukraine. Certain Hungarian politicians could not hide their delight about the fact that the European principle of inviolability of borders was finally destroyed, and now Hungarians can openly present territorial claims to neighboring countries. But much to their disappointment, Ukraine did not split into pieces, and survived. Instead, seemingly omnipotent Russia in a year lost half the value of the national currency. Undoubtfully, it was the result of the solidarity of civilized world against the aggressor country. Budapest had to hide its claws, realizing that it stands out of the European Union too odiously. The Hungarian trump, which Putin apparently had a hand in, was revealed prematurely.

Then Moscow began to play another marked card, which it had been preparing ever since the collapse of the USSR. Kremlin naively thought that along with the "People’s Republics" in the East and South of Ukraine, the same would appear in the far West. For "the oppressed Rusyn people" all but dreams about escaping "fascist" Ukraine. But 25 years of building a network of agents and financial investments resulted in even more zilch than the Hungarian one. Despite the mantras of Petro Hetsko, who was appointed by the Kremlin as the chief for Rusyn protest in Moscow, Transcarpathia in the past year was one of the most calm regions in Ukraine. Moreover, Putin’s support for "Rusynism" only further discredited this movement in the eyes of Transcarpathians. It immediately became clear where the ideas in the minds of several dozen local Ukrainophobes came from.

Hetsko’s claims that 80% of Transcarpathians support Russian aggression, only confirm known in Transcarpathian network truth about mental illness of the "newfound leader" who did not achieved anything during his long life in Uzhgorod. (As they say: "no stake, no court"). Now this "absolute zero" gives press conferences in Moscow (he was even brought to Rostov-on-Don, closer to the front), where he talked about 15 thousand fighters ready to act in Transcarpathia on the first command from Moscow. This nonsense talks of a half-mad man, only gave the Security Service of Ukraine reasons to finally bring down local agents of the Kremlin. Because the threat of terrorism announced before cameras must end in a prison cell.

The rise of Ukrainian patriotism

Instead, the true reality (presidential and parliamentary elections, polls) confirms the obvious fact that Transcarpathians views on the developments in Ukraine are no different than those of residents of other western and central regions.

And one of the results of the year 2014 in Transcarpathia is visible rise of Ukrainian patriotism. Ukrainophobia, that was always fueled here for other people’s money, has significantly decreased and become confined to outcasts. Instead, bus stops and bridges painted by youth in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag, funds collected by communities for Transcarpathian soldiers who are defending Ukraine from Putin’s hordes, honoring of the countrymen killed at the front and the adoption of several thousand refugees from the East only confirm the truth that we have a common destiny.

The example of the Donbas dispelled another illusion in the minds of a few radicals – that Transcarpathia can exist by itself. If even the most developed economic region became paralyzed, then what chances does the region, that has always been a recipient, have? (And not only in Ukraine, but also while being a part of Hungary, Czechoslovakia). Where would pensions, public sector wages, social security come from, if this mountainous region has barely any economy? The example of the Donbas is the best confirmation of what Transcarpathia would face in case of political turmoil. And it is sobering.

Putin’s Transcarpathian "trumps" turned out to be a sham. But Transcarpathians realized who wants to set their peaceful house on fire and warm their hands while it burns.

Oleksandr Havrosh – writer, journalist
The views expressed in the column entitled "Opinion" reflect the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Radio Svoboda

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