Pupils of Vynogradiv orphanage – boarding school maintain subsistence farming

The real decoration of Vinogradov is the building behind a high fence on Stantsiyna street, in which the orphanage – boarding school for mentally handicapped children (boys) is located. This is one of the most attractive architecture structures of the city. Being one hundred and eight years old, it looks like new, even though the first stone was laid in the time of Emperor Franz Joseph. 
Since then, the building originally was used as a place of refuge, and since 1946 – as the medical and social institution for permanent residence of disabled from 4 to 35 years, who can learn, move and serve themselves, having the diagnosis – moderate and mild mental retardation. Boys study here, and then they go to the junior department, where they are adapted to life in the society. 
Along with educational and medical-prophylactic work, the institution staff has a considerable household, provides orphanage with meat and milk. The patients of the junior department are really happy to work on the farm – thus they adapt to life. The boys work so well that some of them were employed by the orphanage and receive salary. They keep and take care of 15 heads of cattle and 70 pigs.   
Also the pupils are involved in a special program. In addition to the curriculum plan there is also the entertainment. Among the children there many talented boys: they paint, embroider, make pictures with straw, skillfully play checkers (there is even a participant of national competitions), attend dance and vocal group "Gentlemen of Vynogradiv" and drama group "Firefly." They are not isolated from society, they perform at the city and regional events. Together with the teachers they make puppet shows and stagings.
For more than 15 years the boarding school have been maintaining relationship with foreign partners. Colleagues from Czech Republic and Slovakia are frequent guests in the orphanage. Also the foundation "Help for Eastern Europe" from the Netherlands provides substantial assistance. Every year Dutch students enrolled in the faculties of social work, and just volunteers live, communicate and work with children and help to develop orphanage in particular, contribute with a simple repair.
The national issue of optimization and reform of the social security system, unfortunately, affected Vynogradiv orphanage too. As there are 30 pupils under 18 years here, this will cause a downsizing of teaching staff and attendants. 
The most important objective of the reform is the maximum adaptation of disabled children in society, their involvement in life outside the school.   

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