Pupils of Uzhgorod Children Music School got international recognition

On July 25 was held a meeting in Uzhgorod Press Club with the participation of Uzhgorod Children Music School №1 named after P.I. Tchaikovskyi pupils, who won the First Prize in the International Competition ‘The sun, joy, beauty. Bulgaria-2012’ and won the Grand Prix of the competition ‘Joy to the bank’ (Bulgaria, 2012).

Yevhen Bobrov, the head of the Department of Culture, Sports, Family and Youth of Uzhgorod City Council said: ‘City government highly appreciates the achievements of pupils and teachers of Children’s Music School, who prove that study at school is at a high level.

Maria Mudranynets, the teacher of Uzhgorod Children Music School № 1 named after P.I. Tchaikovskyi, the director of vocal ensemble ‘Perlynka’ spoke about the competition. She said that 6,000 participants from 9 countries took part in the competition. Our pupils represented their country and town with dignity. They won in almost all the categories. As a result, Uzhgorod brought 10 first places (including the categories ‘Academic Vocals’ and ‘Pop Singing"), 2 third places and Grand Prix. Daniella Yakobchuk, for example won two first places in various categories’, – said the teacher. By the way, Maria Mudraninets was acknowledged as the best teacher.

Eric Forkosh, who performed in the medium age category (academic vocal), won the 1st place. He said that it was very difficult to compete, but he performed very well. ‘Everyone wanted the first place. I tried to sing well. I liked in Bulgaria.’

Another winner Pavlo Vereshchagin has been singing for 8 years, graduated from music school, sings in the ensemble. ‘According to the results of this competition we were invited to the next one that was held in 2 days – says Pavlo – groups were very strong. I liked dance group from Kazakhstan’.

Daniela Yakobchuk was the first in the pop and folk categories, she recalls how she sang and how hot was it in the folk costumes. The national dress was one of the requirements of the competition.

Olena Okhrym, the director of Uzhgorod Children Music School named after P.I. Tchaikovskyi said that pupils of the school started more often to travel to different competitions and festivals. 

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