Public voice: there is going to be no hydropower plant in Chornoholova! (Photo)

Yesterday, April 14, in the village of Chornoholova in Velyky Berezny district there was a public hearing on construction of two small hydropower plants in the village. The community meeting has been postponed twice, and the last time, April 4, the meeting with representatives of the private investor "Komertskonsalt" even turned into the attack on the journalist of the "Stary Zamok" – Larysa Romanyuk.

This time the meeting was convened by the initiative group of local residents and agreed by the village head. So yesterday at the public hearing on the construction of hydroelectric plants, nearly two hundred local residents registered: the meeting hall could barely house all comers.

And, although representatives of the investor finally spoke to the community and tried to prove to the people that the construction of a mini-power plant will be a benefit for the village, the villagers unanimously opposed the construction.



Representatives of the investor promised local people to sign an agreement under which they would undertake to repair the road, to allocate half a million hryvnias for the development of the village, to remove debris from the Lyutyanka river and so on. However, none of these late promises or arguments about the safety of hydroelectric plants for the environment and the community did not convince residents of Chornoholova to give their approval for the construction of mini hydro power plants: during the voting no hand was raised "for" the construction. 

People started gathering an hour before the event


In the meeting hall there was barely room to move


Speech of the director of the PP "Komertskonsalt" Andriy Hanzel was repeatedly interrupted by indignant clamor of the villagers


Another representative of investors – Yuri Korolyshyn – also had to speak loudly


The community had many questions on the construction of hydroelectric plants


Chairman of the Velyky Berezny District State Administration – Roman Rohach was sad


Speech by Oleg Luksha, the director of the International Institute of Human and Globalization "Noosphere"


Here it is – the real local government


Here it is – the real local government


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